about us

About Our Company

​​Littlejohn Electrical Solutions is an electrical contractor that started in Denton, Texas during 2016. With deep Denton roots we set out to be Denton's first call.
By offering competitive pricing for true quality work we have grown exponentially thanks to all of our valued customers.

Littlejohn Electrical Solutions employs educated licensed professionals that are well paid receiving GOOD benefits and retirement plans.
​ All work done by Littlejohn Electrical Solutions comes with a 1 year warranty and has to be installed in a "neat" like manner.

​ Here at Littlejohn Electrical Solutions we have workers compensation, general liability, and full automotive policies as well. We like to give our customers a peace of mind knowing that all of our insurance and licensing is ALWAYS current and up to date.

​As always we thank you for your time and hopefully Littlejohn Electrical Solutions is your first call!

Our Work Speaks Volumes

We’ve collaborated with an array of wonderful clients on the most rewarding projects.